World Communication Forum in Davos 2015
Tue March 10 2015, 9:00 AM – Wed March 11 2015, 6:00 PM
Venue: Davos Congress Centre (Davos Platz), CH

Global Leadership Summit for senior managers in Communications, Marketing, IR, Media, Public Admins, CEOs of agencies/innovation centres, Bloggers, and PR experts.


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6th edition
World Communication Forum in Davos
Davos Congress Centre, Switzerland
10-11 March, 2015

#WCFDavosThe summit offers a two-day conference uniting a great number of experts worldwide – owners and managing partners of PR consultancies, generatl directors, chief officers and senior managers in PR and communications, seasoned practitioners in corporate affairs, marketing or media relations, bloggers, public administrators, and scientists from leading innovation centres.

The five annual editions of the forum (2010-2014) have summoned experts from 44 countries across 5 continents. Representatives of over 100 consultancies and more than 150 companies in various business sectors as well as 15 large international organizations have contributed to the content.

#WCFDavos Agenda 2015
Focus: Person, Media, Agency - 3 in 1!

  • Global Communications Agenda 2015.
  • Diplomacy 2.0. Government & communications - development & regulations.
  • Country and place branding. Hw to engage the globe? Communications in Tourism.
  • Communications & Leadership - How can Comms help your company be #1?
  • Communications in Asia - specific features.
  • Storytelling and story-sharing... or story-selling, and how ethical (if ethical at all)?
  • Visual communications.
  • What will be the future Internet of Things?
  • Communications for a better future. The Sharism philosophy.
  • Relations of the future: Ownership. State. Trust.
  • What influences trust in a brand: Communications VS Customer Experience?
  • PR/Media/Communication in Education.
  • Communications in Science and Education.
  • Communications in Sport.
  • Person/Media/Brand: to be or not to be?
  • Insurance. Communications of expectations.
  • CSR campaigns - to make a better world or to provide a business solution?
  • The real life-story of a top industry leader.

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#WCFDavos also hosts the C4F Davos Award Ceremony & Gala in recognition of leading world experts’ outstanding vision for the future and contribution to the development of communications.

WCFDavos|CERN session
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Valentina Atanasova
Project Manager of WCFDavos
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