WCFA Travels | USA Trip
Thu 10 August 2017, 19:00 – Fri 18 August 2017, 20:00
Travelling around the USA

With Sean Gardner:
Twitter Millionaire*, SM Influencer and Huffington Post Blogger

>> Special discount of 150 euro for WCFA members' bookings till 1st July, 2017!


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>> Special discount of 150 euro for WCFA members' bookings till 1st July, 2017!
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WCFA Travels
Throughout America with Sean Gardner,
Twitter Millionaire*, SM Influencer and Huffington Post Blogger

You start your day switching off the alarm clock on your Apple Iphone and briefly checking the latest news on Facebook. You go to work, posting your Starbucks coffee on Instagram on the way. On entering the office you already know that “millions” of important e-mails are waiting for you on Microsoft Outlook. For your presentation you need some background information – look it up on Wikipedia! And in the evening you watch the next season of “Game of Thrones”.

Modern communication was invented in the United States of America and from there it spread over the whole world. Those American guys have taught 7 billion people how to communicate because they are the best in this field. Now we are happy to offer you a unique opportunity! Learn more from the best American communicators on visiting them at their “homes bases”.

Together with Sean Gardner, one of the most valuable and influential players of the social media world, you`ll visit the offices of the most important American political, PR, SM and educational organizations in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Hollywood, Silicon Valley, White House, Times Square and much more are on your way! Make new contacts and collect international experience with the colleagues from WCFA!

Here's why you should join us on our trip to America:

  • • You’ll make important contacts from the biggest world companies in the field of communication;
  • • International experience will be shared during every planned visit;
  • • Communication professionals from all around the world will be on tour together, which creates the best opportunity to share ideas and plan future common project;
  • • See 4 cities in 9 days, do more than 15 business visits;
  • • WCFA global touch with live-stream to the WCFDavos channels.

*Sean has almost 1 Million followers on Twitter.


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