WCF/WIF | Mexico Trip
Sun March 17 2019, 9:00 AM – Wed March 20 2019, 10:00 PM
We will not only dive into the spirit of Frida Kahlo, but also meet great Mexican women and discuss:
- 6 ways of women influence
-Communications and soft skills as a women power.
- Multitasking and professionalism: How to combine all roles?
-Stories of successes/ Best cases from market leaders.


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Event details

 Prelimenary agenda of the  WIF  Mexico TRIP

 March 16 th


Welcome dinner

March 17th FRIDA  KAHLO Day.

Visit Museum of Frida Kahlo and Museum of Leo Trotsky.


Mexico City  Sightseeng.

Free time.

March 18th

 Women & Communications.

 10.00/17.00 WIF Session: May the Force  Be  with You! 


March 19th

Leaving (You can continue on Cancun)))

 Our Host will be Lorena Carennio Diaz