World Communication Forum in Davos
Tue March 11 2014, 9:00 AM – Wed March 12 2014, 6:30 PM
Venue: Davos Congress Centre (Davos Platz), CH

Global Leadership Summit for senior managers in Communications, Marketing, IR, Media, Public Admins, CEOs of agencies/innovation centres, Bloggers, and PR experts.


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The First European Session of WCFDavos held in Prague - #WCFPrague

Heard about #WCFDavos already? - Then it's high time to check it out!

Provocative interactive discussions on the advanced development of digital communications and their social impact viewed in the context of modern PR and Communications and from the angle of diverse areas of business, media, innovations, internet, and public administration.

Focus on the new specific requirements to Communicators 3.0 and due steps in change-management with regards to the new challenges to the profession. Round table discussions on key expectations and demands of the three key players on the industry market: Consultancies, In-house PR & Corporate Communications, and Professional Associations.

5th jubilee edition
World Communication Forum in Davos
Davos Congress Centre, Switzerland
11-12 March, 2014

#WCFDavosThe summit offers a two-day conference uniting a great number of experts worldwide – owners and managing partners of PR consultancies, generatl directors, chief officers and senior managers in PR and communications, seasoned practitioners in corporate affairs, marketing or media relations, bloggers, public administrators, and scientists from leading innovation centres.

The four main forum's annual editions so far (2010-2013) have summoned experts from 42 countries across 5 continents. Representatives of over 85 consultancies, 60 companies in various business sectors, and 15 large organizations have contributed to the content.

#WCFDavos Agenda 2014
Focus: Future PR and Communicators 3.0: changes & challenges!

  • “PR is dead!” VS “Long live all-channels-PR!”
  • How will the industry name change? What comes in the place of Public Relations?
  • The Communications Professional 3.0 – changes and challenges.
  • New business in a new media world or new media for new technologies and startups?
  • Industry game: consultancies, in-house experts, associations. Expectations & demands.
  • Political communications: global values VS local trust.
  • Effective national or regional PR and marketing awards.
  • How do global events influence the global development?
  • International place branding – how to engage the globe?
  • 3D vision of the future: who creates our agenda – media/politics/business/PR/science?
  • Privacy & Publicity, merging of personal and professional ID.
  • Internet Regulations: copyright, safety, freedom. Digital and social aspects.
  • Retail and Pharmacy: from business communications to leadership on the market.
  • The New Communication world and the Shariism philosophy.
  • Special Keynote – the true life-story of a top industry leader.

Full agenda structure:

#WCFDavos also hosts the C4F Davos Award Ceremony & Gala in recognition of leading world experts’ outstanding vision for the future and contribution to the development of communications.

Over 250 000 professionals was the estimated reach of WCFDavos’2013, via traditional & social media.

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Project Manager of WCFDavos
+359 88 4435044

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