From selling to co-creating
Thu February 22, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Consider the business approach no longer one way, but as an opportunity to co-create value with your customer and thus activate new business opportunities!


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"Design Management" by TRIPOD

Objective: Integrate design into the heart of your strategy, in close connection with your business model, your management style or your corporate culture.
22/02 in Lille (B)
From selling to co-creating: How to innovate together with your customers?
Consider the commercial approach no longer one-way, but as an opportunity to co-create value with your client and thus activate new business opportunities!
This workshop will bring you the latest best practice on how to create value with your customers and develop new business opportunities. In a market, where products and services are rapidly becoming commodities and where customers demand greater added value and better prices, the conventional approach to selling must be revised. Now, a new approach to develop business opportunities with customer is needed based on co-creating value rather than on selling value.
Sales people must become much more strategic in their approach focussing on helping customer to achieve their business outcomes based on close and deep collaboration between their organisation and their customers.
Program of the day:
- Current and Future Trends in Sales
Discover the trends that are shaping your current sales organization and how they will continue to shape your organisation in the future.
- Co-Creation Game, by The Co-Creator (
Discover a business simulation game that teaches you how to manage the process of value co-creation with your customer in a highly engaging way.
- Conclusion
To conclude the session everyone will be asked to apply the frameworks on one of their own projects.
Animator: Regis Lemmens, The Co-Creator

Régis Lemmens is the founder of Sales Cubes, a consulting firm which helps sales organizations to innovate and co-create value with their customers. He is a professor in Sales and Sales Management and teaches at business schools in Belgium (Antwerp Management School, Solvay Business School), the Netherlands (Tias Business School) and in the UK (Cranfield School of Management). He holds a Masters in Science degree from Southbank University, a Masters in Business Administration from University of Surrey and a Phd from the Aberdeen Business School. 

He is also a member of the team of experts at Impulse Brussels (the Brussels Enterprise Agency for starting and experienced entrepreneurs) where he serves as coach for startups to help them to develop and implement their commercial strategies.

This training will be followed in the evening of a "Designer Club" event where companies and designers are invited!

Poursuivez la journée au DESIGNER CLUB ce jeudi 22 février et participez, dans la perspective de Lille Métropole Capitale Mondiale du Design en 2020, à l’élaboration d’un projet qui sera présenté au Comité d’Organisation.

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