SPECIAL ENTRY (20 tickets!) - WCFDavos 2017
Wed April 20 2016, 12:00 AM – Mon September 5 2016, 11:55 PM
The Woodstock of Communications! ~ Gianni Catalfamo, CCO - Cineca, Italy
Definitely the Forum-Not-To-Miss! ~ Solly Moeng, CEO - Don Valley, S. Africa
WCF = Communinovation! ~ Rich Kylberg, VP Comms&GlobMar - Arrow Electronics, USA

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8th edition
World Communication Forum in Davos
Davos Congress Centre, Switzerland
09-11 March, 2017
Welcome party for socializing - in the evening of 8 March, 2017!


The summit offers a two-day conference uniting a great number of experts worldwide – owners and managing partners of PR consultancies, generatl directors, chief officers and senior managers in PR and communications, seasoned practitioners in corporate affairs, marketing or media relations, bloggers, public administrators, and scientists from leading innovation centres.

The six annual editions of the forum (2010-2016) have summoned experts from 58 countries across 5 continents. Representatives of 140+ consultancies and 175+ companies in various business sectors, over 15 educational institutions, 15+ ministries/state-administrations, as well as 10 large international or regional professional associations have contributed to the content.

#WCFDavos Agenda 2017

Focus: Global and Regional Communications Agenda

  • Corporate Public Organizations sector - challenges & priorities.
  • Safety in the era of Transparency.
  • Personal branding.
  • Country branding.
  • Communications in the Balkans: rebuilding Trust, re-energizing Europe.
  • Crisis Communications - efficient ways of omtegration with Social Media.
  • Communications in Africa - agenda and cultural specifics.
  • Best models of reputation-buidling communications for Educational institutions.
  • Communications in times of REAL war (not informational or commercial).
  • Blind insight on real corporate cases.
  • The real life-story of a top industry leader: the key to Personal & Professional success!

Full agenda structure to be provided at: http://www.forumdavos.com/programme.

#WCFDavos also hosts the C4F Davos Award Ceremony & Gala in recognition of leading individual world experts' and/or consultancies' contribution and outstanding vision for the future development of communications.

For registration and documentation: forum@forumdavos.com, +41 76 241 3224

For partnerships and information on content or any questions, please contact:
Valentina Atanasova
Project Manager of WCFDavos