"Analytics for Business Decisions" by Jeff Dotson
Mon October 30, 2017, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
This event is a tutorial which will be led by Professor Jeff Dotson, Associate Professor of Marketing at Brigham Young University.

The attendance is limited to 30 participants and the registration is on a first-come, first served basis.

Coffee breaks and lunch will be provided to all registered participants. The event ends by 6pm at the latest.


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Event details

Tutorial Description:

Managers across industries are struggling to make sense of the deluge of data that has become available over the past few years. The promise of "big data" has yet to be realized and, as such, managers are needed that have the both ability and contextual knowledge to develop actionable, data-driven insights. This tutorial will introduce students to both the types of data and the analytical techniques that are currently being used in practice to inform business decisions.

 Throughout the tutorial students will receive practical exposure to a variety of quantitative research techniques including data visualization, hypothesis testing, predictive analytics, and regression analysis. We will use a variety of modern research tools including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, and the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio.

 Outline (Four 1.5 hour sessions)







Hands-on Application

Session 1

Intro to Quantitative Methods for Business

Getting Started with Power BI and Azure ML

Session 2

Data Visualization

Visualizing KPI's and Dash boarding

Session 3

Modeling Continuous Variables

Key Driver Analysis

Session 4

Modeling Discrete Variables

Lead Scoring Analysis

Organizer: Associate Professor of Marketing Peter EBBES