TRANSAT First Tritium School
Mon March 25 2019, 9:00 AM – Thu March 28 2019, 5:00 PM
The first Tritium School organised by the TRANSAT project will be held from 25-28 March 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

It will comprise two days of lectures, followed by talks and a poster session. Both experimentalists and theoreticians are strongly encouraged to participate.

Submission of abstracts: 30 September, 2018
Registration for the event: 21 December, 2018

Please visit for further information on abstract submission.


Registrations are closed
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Tritium management
Tritium management in DEMO Breeding Blanket – Ion Cristescu, KIT
Different detection techniques for Tritium inventory – Pascal Fichet, CEA

Tritium migration 
Tritium migration in Breeding Blankets in fusion technology – Carlos Moreno, CIEMAT

Tritium waste
Tritiated waste research programme – Robert Vale, UKAEA
UK approach to tritiated waste processing and disposal – Dave Coombs, UKAEA
H-3 Advanced Technology Centre – Damian Brennan, UKAEA
French Strategy for Solid Tritiated Waste Management – Karine Liger, CEA

Tritium inventory and control
Reducing releases from tritium facilities – Walter Shmayda, University of Rochester
Hydrogen isotope retention and transport in neutron-irradiated Tungsten – Yuji Hatano, Toyama University
Tritium inventory and control in tokamak (wall, dust, modelling etc…) – Christian Grisolia, CEA
Modelling of tritium inventory in plasma facing component in fusion devices – Klaus Schmid, Max Planck Institute

Overview of Tritium effects – Laurence Lebaron-Jacobs, CEA
Ecotoxicity of Tritium – Awadhesh  Jha, UOP
Biokinetics of low levels of tritium as HTO or OBT and its genotoxicity relative to gamma-radiation in a laboratory mouse model – Dmitry Klokov, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Epidemiology of Tritium 
Epidemiology of Tritium – Richard Wakeford, UK

Tritium dosimetry
Dosimetry of Tritium in humans and non-human biota – F. Paquet, IRSN