Conversation with Stéphane de Freitas on Social Entrepreuneurship and collaborative economy in the digital era
Wed May 15 2019, at 6:00 PM
The S&O Center is pleased to welcome on campus Stéphane de Freitas : Founder of Indigo and Eloquentia, Author of the book "Porter sa voix" and Director of the film "A voix Haute"


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INDIGO platform
Stéphane de Freitas will talk about his experience as social entrepreneur and collaborative economy in the digital era.
By creating the first truly social network, where everyone can exchange objects and services free of charge, Indigo 's mission is to reduce inequalities, to promote solidarity and sharing, to help associations and to promote the integration of refugees in Europe
Indigo is a project led by social entrepreneur Stéphane de Freitas. Appointed Ashoka Fellow in 2017 for his positive impact approach, he is also the founder of the educational programs and the largest Francophone speaking contest, "Eloquentia", the author of the book "Porter Sa Voix" and the director of the film "À Voix Haute" appointed to the 2018 Cesars
In 2017, he directed the video clip Solidarity, a song carried by M, Nekfeu, Ibrahim Maalouf, Sidiki & Toumani Diabaté... which became a real social adventure: "Solidarity, the film" will be broadcast on Netflix in early 2020.

Indigo is one of Stéphane de Freitas' artistic concepts, the result of the harmonious blend of blue and red, colours that are often opposed in our imaginations.
In 2012, he founded La Coopérative Indigo, a non-profit association wich aims to improve living together, that is, the cohesion between a diversity of people individuals who, beyond their social and cultural differences, cultivate a a shared vision of civic values.
The Cooperative's actions embody the Indigo concept on a daily basis, according to a triptych:

The Arena (think tanks)
Eloquentia (educational programs Porter sa voix), which have vocation to develop self-confidence through oral expression, the taking of public speaking and the culture of citizen debate
The Indigo self-help application is the logical extension of the 3rd pillar: a digital tool that offers concrete solutions to its users.
In 2015, Indigo becomes the most funded social network in just 6 weeks by crowdfunding in France. Thousands of volunteers are mobilizing to test the Alpha version of the application, in France but also in Portugal, Greece and the Coast of Ivory. The Beta version will be released on blinds in December 2018, before the launch to the general public and around the world on April 30, 2019.