NxG-I Event New York - 2013
Wed June 5 2013, 7:00 PM – Fri June 7 2013, 11:00 PM
Through two days of dynamic and interactive sessions, NxGs from all around the world will explore how they can harness the opportunities of Family Business to:

* Pursue SELF development in order to learn and grow to become a better leader
* Unify your FAMILY to ensure strong relationships and business success
* Contribute to SOCIETY – through giving back to employees and communities
* Grow BUSINESSES, ensuring financial success for generations

We look forward to seeing you there!


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Smoking Rules
Please note that Baruch College is a smoke free campus - therefore, smoking is strictly forbidden inside Baruch College but also in the external premises. Anyone caught smoking in a banned area risks financial sanction but could also cause the cancellation of NxG Event.
Should you want to smoke, the only allowed space is on the 3rd Avenue, next to Baruch College (but not in front).

Internet Connection
Wifi is available within Baruch building. Connection might be lost in the elevator and outside the building. You'll get your Wifi login and password when the conference starts.
Please note that Wifi can be used with only one of your devices at a time.

Know more about

Should you have any questions, please contact nxg@fbn-i.org

We look forward to seeing you in NY!

The New York NxG Summit team

Host Committee
MaryKay Mudd - Chicago, USA
Christin McClave - Philadelphia, USA
Kirk Mc Millan - Director Membership FBN North America
John Royall - New York, USA
John D'Addario - New York, USA
Pat Zerbo - New York, USA
Jonathan Crystal - New York, USA
Jamie Kennedy - Atlanta, USA
Laura Hortsmann - Germany
Ingo Wersborg - Germany
Carmen Lence - Athens, Greece
Santiago Perry - Bogota, Colombia

Programme Committee
Co-Chair: Rania Labaki - University Bordeaux IV and FBN NxG-I Committee member
Co-Chair: Andrew Keyt - President/Executive Director FBN North America
MaryKay Mudd - Chicago, USA
Santiago Perry - Bogota, Colombia

Organising Committee
Anne Boggio - FBN-I partnership and event manager
Christine Gaucher - FBN-I NxG coordinator