Russia is developing a new generation of space-based laser weapon
Mon September 19 2016, at 2:00 AM
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Russia is developing a new generation of space-based laser weapon


According to Russian military sources, Russia is developing a new generation of Red Laser weapon equipment.I am very impressed with this laser pointer. I have been looking for a nice inexpensive green laser/ light combo for my Ruger 22/45. I went with this one hoping it would work out.Yes there are much better products out there, but I was not going to put a $400 laser/light combo accessory on a $350 gun. This is perfect for your plinkers and budget builds.

30000mw Blue Laser HTPOW

According to Itar TASS reported on September 6th, a new generation of space-based red laser weapons research and development work is being carried out, the plane named A-60. Earlier media reports, the project belongs to the "falcon Echelon" development plan. The development of Russian space based laser weapons began in the Soviet period. The first A-60 prototype with IL -76MD as the prototype, and launch test in 1981. This project had been restarted a few years ago.

Russia has begun to develop the use of a new generation of laser weapons aircraft. At present, the details of the scheme are not disclosed, only a little clear that the red laser aircraft will be able to achieve two functions, respectively, confuse the enemy and destroy military targets. At present, a similar aircraft can only achieve the first feature.Out of the box the light and laser are super bright. I took it outside and could clearly see the green laser ~15 feet in bright daylight.

According to the reports, this type of aircraft research and promotion has been carried out for 10 years. If the project is successful, Russia will be the first country in the world to have a 1000mw Laser weapon that can destroy military targets.Light is very bright and the laser is exactly what I expected. Primary for home defense . This laser pointer is bright and makes clearing with my tactical shot gun easy, my only issue is the system that tightens it down is good but not great, so I am afraid after a lot of rounds through the 12 gauge that system will fail but it is holding well for right now.Comes with all the tools you need to adjust the laser pointer as well. Great buy. Attaches to my weapon easily.

Prior to this, the United States has also started research and development of similar aircraft, but this program stopped in 2011 to stop, the reason is unknown.Do far, I am really liking this light/laser. I've got the 1000mw laser set in the center of the light beam so I can hit a night target by aiming to the center of the light or for more precision I can turn the laser on and pin-point my shot. Time will tell if it will hold up to moderate duty use but it seem solidly built, has a bright light and the green laser is very bright. I'm happy so far.