Wed April 3 2019, at 5:00 PM
AfricaDays@HecParis2019, entitled “African Solutions to Global Issues”, will take place on April 3, 2019. The inaugural event of the 3rd edition of AfricaDays will feature two panel discussions, the first tackling the theme of “Effective Solutions for Electrification of Rural Zones in Africa”, and the second focusing on the African Music Industry: “Shedding Light onto Untapped Industries in Africa”.


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Conference Program
17:00 – 18:00     Opening with Keynote Speaker
18:00 – 19:15     Panel 1: Effective Solutions for Electrification of Rural Zones in Africa
With more than 600 million people – almost two thirds of its population – without electricity and with growing demands, Africa is still confronted with numerous energy supply problems that slow down and endanger its economic growth, which is nonetheless promising. The lack of infrastructure and the poor road conditions prevents the transport and delivery of energy and several other essentials to rural areas, which are not connected to the national grid. 
More than 730 million people are still dependent on charcoal for cooking or on petrol for lighting, even though the continent has abundant renewable energy resources at its disposal. The usage of these clean energies and the development of new means of electricity production is one of the major challenges that the continent faces. For several years now, young entrepreneurs have proposed new solutions to respond simultaneously to transport and distribution problems, to environmental performance and impact, and finally to providing easy payment methods. 
Setting up micro-networks is a great response to the needs of the continent, and could also become the best solution to the planet’s climate and energy issues. Lots of startups have already made significant progress setting up electricity networks for villages thanks to out of the box solutions. It’s a real revolution taking place on the African continent, similar to that already witnessed with mobile telephones.

19:30 – 20:45     Panel 2: Shedding Light onto Untapped Industries in Africa – The                                  Music Industry
Blues, jazz, soul, RnB, funk... Africa has long been a source for music. And music can be considered a cultural wealth for Africa. 
While the music industry is historically in the hands of an oligopoly, the emergence of a music economy in Africa associated with digital development can reshuffle the cards. To what extent can this economy be built for the benefit of Africa? Is the African music industry primed to be a driver of economic growth in Africa? Can Africa be the place of affirmation of a new, more diverse music economy?
The panel will focus on the roles of key stakeholders (artists, online music platforms and music labels), both locally and in the diaspora, in driving the industry forward. Discussions will revolve around how technology, record labels, and musicians have collaborated to create music and continent originating out of the continent. Especially with the increase of smart devices into Africa, it is becoming easier for Africans to create, commission, and consume content with the global community. 
20:45 - 22:00    Closing Cocktail