Beijing ELI Reception
Sat March 21 2020, at 2:00 PM
The Harker School has earned a worldwide reputation for being among the finest schools in the United States. Join representatives of our school administration and discover our special English Language Institute for students interested in improving their English proficiency skills. Our inspiring environment will provide maximum opportunity to learn, practice and enhance English skills while being exposed to the many delights and rewards of American culture.


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Event details

Our presentation will begin with an overview of The Harker School and introductions to administration, our event hosts, wonderful sponsors and distinguished alumni. We shall then proceed to describe our ELI Program, which will take approximately 1hr.
Time will be provided at the end of the presentation for Q and A.
Translation services available.
Student Applications will be accepted with a $300 US Dollar deposit and completion of required forms.
Any questions regarding the event, please contact us at:
English Language Institute Office
Phone: 001.408.553.5738; Fax: 001.408.984.2325
Find us on the web at: