DiversiTALKS & Women in Leadership - "Reshaping the Workplace for an Inclusive Future"
Thu October 24, 2019, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM
We want the session to be very inspirational for our class to embrace the topic now and in the future, and really leave students with questions in their mind about how to generate change.

We also want this event to be very inclusive, so the challenge here is to motivate people to come beyond the already interested ones. Especially, we want to achieve a balanced audience in terms of gender.


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Event details

"Reshaping the Workplace for an Inclusive Future"

Guest speaker : Dr Shalini Sarin - Bio
Dr Shalini Sarin’s experience ranges from Chief People Officer to head of Corporate Social Responsibility to Business Leader for the base of the pyramid solar lighting business at Signify (former Philips Lighting). Profit with Purpose & Passion is her mantra and belief. She has worked across India, Europe and the US, and now serves on several boards of both for-profit & not-for-profit organizations. She is an executive coach and a strategic advisor on HR, CSR, sustainability, transformation and leadership. Have a look at her bio in the attached file!
You will have the unique opportunity to interact with her on the topic of inclusion at the workplace. Why is inclusion important today? What does it really mean? How will it impact the future of work in the next decade? What are the current challenges, and how is the industry facing them? This talk is all about you, as future leaders, getting inspiration and addressing the key questions about which environment you want to work in and what kind of manager you want to be.
Inclusion is about everyone, gender, generation, culture, LGBT... We all have been in different situations, all lived through different experiences, we may have felt a need for change, or seen initiatives worth sharing with others and that is the value of our diversity.
So here is our challenge to you: If you are interested in this topic, then try to motivate another classmate from the opposite gender to come with you! 
Make this event your own!

Drinks and food will be served afterwards in the hall of S Building