A Cup Of IdeasVoice @NYC @WeWork Nomad May 23rd, 2018
Wed May 23, 2018, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM



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Event for entrepreneurs, cofounders and investors in NYC
May 23rd, 2018, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
79 Madison Avenue
New York, New York 10016


Are you an entrepreneur or someone interested in the startup world?

Be sure to mark your calendar for May 23rd!

A Cup of IdeasVoice is an event dedicated to creating an environment where entrepreneurs can come together to network, gain valuable insights and practice pitch delivering skills.

If you're an entrepreneur/ seed stage startup interested in presenting, please contact Patricia Egard at pegard@ideasvoice.com with a brief description of your concept. Please also post your project and fill in your profile on the IDEASVOICE website.



Each project will have:

  • 3 minutes to pitch,
  • 5 minutes to answer questions from the judges,
  • 5 minutes to receive feedback from all participants.


At the end of the pitch session, all participants will vote for their preferred pitch and preferred project.

The winners will receive a prize from one or more of our sponsors including pro-bono one-hour advisory that will help them further refine and develop their project.

Anybody interested in the startup world is welcome to attend and contribute to the discussion!


Register now. Early bird tickets are available until 5/13!



For inquiries regarding the event please email: contact@ideasvoice.com

Cancellation and refunds are available up to 7 days before the event







The world is changing rapidly and competition is stronger than ever. You cannot sit idle or continue to simply follow your peers. In order to be successful, innovation and speed to market are crucial. Business Models Inc. helps organizations and teams stay ahead and help you win. 

Description of prize: In your session with BMI you'll learn how to use the Business Model Canvas, apply innovation techniques, tips, and tricks to your business model, and develop value propositions for your customers.


Rooney Nimmo specializes in assisting and advising startups on all aspects of business law, guiding founders through the complete life cycle, from formation, fundraising, and the scale-up process, to exit, via the firm's busy M&A practice. The firm counsels clients on everything from venture capital, intellectual property, employment law, and equity comp, to contractual work, taxation, immigration and real estate, often working hand in hand with founders as a de facto general counsel. Representative clients of Rooney Nimmo include organizations as varied as Aberdeen Asset Management, Her Majesty’s Government, The Economist, Ocado, adMarketplace, Outfront Media Inc., and NTT Communications Corp.

Description of prize: A free one-hour consultation with a Rooney Nimmo attorney to discuss anything from corporate legal matters to immigration to intellectual property. Time to be arranged between you and the Rooney Nimmo office. Venue Midtown East.


Laconia Capital Group is a sponsor of CUPOFIDEASVOICE NYC

Laconia Capital Group (LCG) is a full-service venture firm, with a family of funds and a venture asset management company. The core values of transparency, collaboration, and community are central to all aspects of our business. Our venture funds focus on late seed-stage B2B software companies based in Northeast major markets. In addition to the funds, Laconia operates a bespoke investment advisory service for family offices to develop and execute a comprehensive venture capital investment strategy through Laconia Venture Asset Management (LVAM).

Description of prize: One-hour mentor meeting with Geri Kirilova (Laconia Capital Group) to discuss any questions relating to fundraising, capital strategy, and business development, among other possible topics​. Could also use the time to work on a founder's pitch/story (both verbal delivery & PowerPoint presentation).



Michelle McLin, Facilitator of CUPOFIDEASVOICE event in NYC

Michelle McLin is a professional with 20+ years in product development, product management, and product marketing experience.  Michelle has a passion for growing consumer products and services in  mobile, media, and digital platforms; and has worked with companies like Comcast, Verizon Wireless, Aetna, and Digitas.  Michelle has also worked with startups to develop business plans, raise capital, and market entry strategies.  Michelle drives product initiatives from ideation all the way through go-to-market implementation.  Michelle is the principal of marketing consulting firm, Acuity Advisor and an adjunct lecturer at New York University (NYU).


Meg Luce, Facilitator at CUPOFIDEASVOICE Event in NYC

Meg Luce is a strategy designer at Business Models Inc. At Business Models Inc, she develops strategies and designs value propositions for organizations of all sizes across industries. Meg has been able to find the balance between thinking like a business, and thinking like a designer, and has helped organizations alter their mindset in order to become more profitable and innovative.





Did you know that most startups tend to fail because of a lack of proper leadership?

IdeasVoice aims to fix that! We are a global platform with over 8000 members where more than 1800 ideas have been shared!


We aim to bring entrepreneurs and potential co-founders and investors together and help facilitate the creation of powerful teams to bring your project or idea to the next level.


By signing up and creating a profile members are able to communicate exactly what they are looking for and connect with other members matching those criteria. Visit our website today: www.ideasvoice.com!