[ART STAGE Singapore 2018] Southeast Asia Forum 2018: Continuum in Collecting Art: Dialogue by the Tiroche Brothers on Similarities in their Differences
Fri January 26, 2018, from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Continuum is defined as a coherent whole, characterised as a collection, sequence or progression of values and elements varying by minute degrees. Serge Tiroche, art collector and co-founder of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection, and his brother and fellow art collector, Micky Tiroche presents two special exhibitions in the Fair. The dialogue questions the virtue of collecting in the family and the extent of the influence of their individualities on collecting art.


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About Southeast Asia Forum 2018

ART STAGE Singapore 2018 will present the third edition of its successful Southeast Asia Forum, which aims to broaden the discussion of art by exploring different ways of seeing, learning and interacting. As a pillar component of the Fair, the Forum is a thematic programme comprising an exhibition and a series of lectures that offer more focused and in-depth views into global social, cultural, economic and political issues that have direct impact on Southeast Asia. The third Southeast Asia Forum will focus on the cross-disciplinary practices in art and design and is titled Art Meets Design: Cultural Trend or Fashionable Lifestyle?

About ART STAGE Singapore 2018
As the flagship show of the Southeast Asian art world, ART STAGE Singapore 2018 continues to develop and bridge regional art scenes to create a stronger and more unified Southeast Asian market. Positioned as the region’s key player in representing the interests of Asian art in the global arena, the Fair also acts as a catalyst for driving international interest in and understanding of Southeast Asian art and igniting heightened market activity. In long-standing recognition of Asia’s dynamism and artistic excellence, ART STAGE Singapore 2018 continues to innovate with special projects and showcases and encourage dialogue between markets.