The 4th Annual Campaign to End Loneliness Conference
Tue October 9, 2018, from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Loneliness affects the health and wellbeing of millions of people in the UK. It impacts upon communities here and all around the world. So what can we do about it? How do we end loneliness?

To find out, join the Campaign to End Loneliness for our 4th annual conference, ‘Be More Us: Belonging and Community’.


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We're delighted to have three of the most groundbreaking and influential thinkers in the field joining us.

Dr Vivek Murthy served as the 19th Surgeon General of the United States from 2014 to 2017, and created initiatives to tackle America's most urgent public health issues.

Vivek was instrumental in loneliness being recognised as a public health epidemic, and his thinking on the subject has influenced policy makers and medical professionals around the world:

"The science and stories of loneliness lead us to one inescapable conclusion: we need each other. Prioritizing time with loved ones, helping people, and appreciating yourself can help build a more connected life." 

Julianne Holt-Lundstad's transformative research has led to loneliness being recognised as the huge health risk it is today.

She has received international acclaim and her work has influenced academics organisations and policy makers across the world.


Lord Layard is Professor Emeritus at the London School of Economics and is the Government's former ‘Happiness Tsar’.

He's one of the world's leading economists whose work on mental health, wellbeing and happiness is globally recognised.

Other speakers include:

  • Tracey Crouch MP, the world’s first Minister for Loneliness
  • Libby Page, bestselling author of ‘The Lido’, a story of loneliness and friendship
  • Kate Leaver, author of 'The Friendship Cure', a manifesto for connection in the modern world

We’ll hear personal stories of loneliness, and in four interactive workshops, will explore different ways to tackle it: from the arts, to public spaces, to intergenerational relationships.

Join charities, policy-makers, businesses, older people and local authorities for a day of conversation and innovation.

There’ll be plenty of opportunities to network and lunch is included. Some bursaries are available. The conference is held at The British Library's stunning Knowledge Centre. 

 Other Sessions include:

  • A live recording of the Two Cups of Tea podcast, celebrating the lives of older people (Number 2 on the iTunes chart)
  • Demonstration of KOMP, a communication tool for older people, from tech company No Isolation
  • A ‘Be More Us’ moment to celebrate moments of connection

 Tickets are selling fast so get yours now. We look forward to seeing you there.