World Communication Forum Geneva Week - 2017
Mon October 10 2016, 9:00 AM – Mon February 6 2017, 9:00 AM
WCF Geneva Week '2017

The Woodstock of Communications! ~ Gianni Catalfamo, CCO - Cineca, Italy
Definitely the Forum-Not-To-Miss! ~ Solly Moeng, CEO - Don Valley, S. Africa
WCF = Communinovation! ~ Rich Kylberg, VP Comms&GlobMar - Arrow Electronics, USA

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8th edition
WCF Geneva Week
13-17 March, 2017
Special gala dinner for the C4F Awards Ceremony - in the evening of 14 March, 2017!


The summit offers a high-rank conference uniting a great number of experts worldwide – owners and managing partners of PR consultancies, generatl directors, chief officers and senior managers in PR and communications, seasoned practitioners in corporate affairs, marketing or media relations, bloggers, public administrators, and scientists from leading innovation centres.

The seven annual editions of the forum (2010-2017) have summoned experts from 58 countries across 5 continents, among whom - 263 speakers. Representatives of 165+ consultancies and 115+ companies in various business sectors, over 22 educational institutions, 15+ ministries/state-administrations, as well as 20 large international or regional professional associations have contributed to the content.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, WCFA association's President & General Director of the WCF, shares:

“The 7-year history of the Forum in Davos allowed us to shape a global community of communication experts who view our profession as a mission – the mission to make this world more connected, more open, and more trusted. We believe that today communication is the key driver for the future development of the world, humanity, and each individual. We have created new formats for holding a business event and we have already accepted representatives of more than 58 countries in our WCF family. Over 263 speakers have stepped-out in Davos during these 7 years and there have been more than 110 publications of WCF’2016 in the offline and online media. We launched the regional format of the WCF back in 2013 and we have already held over 15 regional forums in different countries.

We have now grown and are fully ready to move from a Global Village to a Global Capital which, undoubtedly, is Geneva. We are confident it this is the best place where, during 5 consecutive days in 2017, the WCF participants will be able to touch globality and feel the global culture ‘at their very fingertips’, they will shape the global agenda of communications and foresee the new opportunities for communication’s impact on the future of humanity.

We have grown – two days turned out to be far too insufficient for the Forum, so we will launch a series of events under the brand ‘WCF Geneva week’, focusing on different areas of communication: Global Communications, Corporate Communications, Branding, Science and Innovation Communication, Education in Communication.”


WCF Geneva  Week 
Agenda 2017

13th March 2017

9:30 - 18:00

NB! This is a DRAFT agenda! Final agenda will be available by the beginning of March, 2017.

Venue: Geneva Motor Show
Focus on: Branding & Design

Visit & tour aruound the Geneva Motor Show exposition

Suggested topics for discussion:
Branding: how to develop a global brand
Brands storytelling
Human-centred design

Lunch visit to CERN Headquarters & Enterprise
After-sessions assembly of the WCFA association

14th March 2017

9:30 - 22:30

Venue (to be confirmed): UN Headquarters
Focus on: Global organizations & Government communications

Official opening of the WCF week
Lunch visit around the UN Headquarters

Suggested topics for discussion:
Country branding: How to create communication assets of the state/country/nation
Communication & Public Diplomacy: two sides of the same coin
Global Communication VS Cross-Cultural Communication
Can communication save lives?
Refugees: How can we communicate/share/influence this?
Win-Win strategies as Communication’s mission

Social Media strategies for Global orgs. How to engage the globe?
Trump VS Clinton SM campaigns: insiders' view
The Global Leader - a public interview
What happens in modern Politics & Elections
Wanted: Spokesperson of Humanity

C4F Awards
Venue: Beau-Rivage Hotel
Welcome cocktail
Gala dinner and awards ceremony
Winners’ showcases

15th March 2017

9:30 - 18:00

Venue (to be confirmed): UN Headquarters
Focus on: Global companies & Business development

Suggested topics for discussion:
Welcome to a better world: more Social, more Connected, more Trustful!
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in today’s open, digital world
Social marketing & social communications: key actors
Showcases - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
New money and new currency of social evaluation
Media: who shapes & verifies the global agenda? Fake News, Fake Trust & Fake Influence
Crisis VS Chances
Real-life storytelling: shared by a leading expert!
Blind Insight Session

16th March 2017

9:30 - 18:00

Venue (to be confirmed)
Focus on: Creativity - Technology - Startup  Ecosystems: there a liit?

Special demonstration: Morning Tai-Chi practice!

Suggested topics for discussion:
How to rise startups' survival rate? See the potential where no-one sees it!
How to choose a remote team and how to product-launch?
How to find the best  StartUp strategy for development
StartUp Presentations
Keynote by Scott E. Fahlman - Fatherof the smiley emoticon
SU, Ideas & Implementation - key communication strategies

17th March 2017

9:30 - 18:00

Venue: GLION Institute of Higher Education
Focus on: Education in Communications

Topics for the daily discussion:
Global education trends: Ecosystems / Community management / Online education
What is the meaning of ‘quality education’ today?
How to engage the globe?
How to build a strong educational brand?

Training sessions (2 simultaneous slots with two sessions held per slot)


Full agenda structure to be provided at:

#WCFDavos also hosts the C4F Davos Award Ceremony & Gala in recognition of leading individual world experts' and/or consultancies' contribution and outstanding vision for the future development of communications.

For due registration and docuementation:, +41 76 241 3224

For partnerships and information on the content, please contact:
Valentina Atanasova
Project Manager of WCFDavos

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