DiversiTALKS with In&OUT: "Giving voice to the children born through surrogacy" - Valentina Mennesson - Room S218
Mon November 4, 2019, from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM


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HEC DiversiTalks and In&Out now add another piece to the puzzle !
4th November 2019 - 18:00-19:30, Room S218
Guest speaker: Valentina Mennesson
Introduction by Prof. Matteo Winkler, HEC Law Department

Giving voice to the children born through surrogacy

Surrogacy (GPA - Gestation pour autrui in French) is among the most controversial issues in the public debate in Europe. For some, it's a form of exploitation of women's bodies; for others, it's the right of any woman to decide to bring a child to life to the benefit of another family. Taking a side seems to be a societal imperative. HEC DiversiTALKS now adds another piece to the puzzle, an original question that has been dramatically neglected from the public discourse – giving voice to the children born through surrogacy. 
Valentina Mennesson, the daughter of Sylvie and Dominique, a French couple who decided to resort to California (where surrogacy is legal) to create a family, will tell us her story, which she wrote in her book "Moi, Valentina, née par GPA" (Michalon 2019). For two decades Valentina and her twin sister Fiorella have been at the eye of a judicial storm that involved French courts and, for two times, the European Court of Human Rights, on a crucial question: should we recognise the children born through surrogacy abroad? A journalist once defined these children "les fantômes de la République", the ghosts of the Republic. But they are not, are they?

Cocktail will be served afterwards in the Hall of the S Building